Spatial and Visualization Tools in K12
Using web based Map activities in primary, middle, and high school curricula.
Using Inspiration (graphic organizer) in the primary and middle schools.

Ring of Fire Resources
Cool volcano Video Clip from Science Museum of Minnesota

Earthquake activity using realtime data
Go to the National Earthquake Information Center and find the last three earthquakes that occurred near northern California in the last 7 days. List the location, magnitude, depth, date and time of the earthquakes: location, magnitude, depth, date and time:

Location Magnitude Depth Date Time

Go to the Smithsonian USGS list of volcanoes by date and identify 3 volcanoes occurring October 5 through the 11th, 2005.

Location region, Country Type of Volcano Elevation Date
1) Using the Plate Tectonics web site at ThinkQuest, please explain why plates move?

2) Describe two types of plate movement?

Faultline at the Exploratorium

Plate tectonics puzzle at Enchanted Learning:

For fun- Earthquake Information and activities

Cutting edge 21st century theory based of seismic topography: and
the EarthQuake Project :
Geographic Information Science & Technology Group

From Dr. William Bowen of the California Geographical Survey (
10907 Rathburn Avenue
Northridge, CA 91326

Panaramic Arial Photo Maps, Wall maps, Map resources

The California Geographical Survey is pleased to announce the release of five new “flight” movies over the landscapes of California. These are the first of new series being created this year as part of the California’s Landform Regions Project – 2007. The animated films “fly” viewers over detailed, photorealistic landscapes. The new videos are posted in the Survey’s Electronic Map Library under the heading FLIGHT MOVIES at

The LandScanTM Dataset comprises a worldwide population database compiled on a 30" X 30" latitude/longitude grid. Census counts (at sub-national level) were apportioned to each grid cell based on likelihood coefficients, which are based on proximity to roads, slope, land cover, nighttime lights, and other information. LandScan has been developed as part of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Global Population Project for estimating ambient populations at risk.

The LandScan Dataset files are available via the internet in ESRI grid format by continent and for the world, and in ESRI raster binary format for the world. For an overview of the methods used to develop LandScan, please see the documentation page.

LandScan Datasets are released annually, with each new release superseding the previous. Please see the Data Availability pages for page for currently-accessible datasets.

USGS earthquake PAGER project

PAGER (Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response) is an automatic system to estimate human impact following significant Earthquakes, a product in development at the USGS

Earthquake Notification

Preliminary 1-arc second (30 meter) SRTM data of the continental United
States, southern Alaska, and Puerto Rico can now be obtained via electronic
download from the USGS Seamless Data Distribution System-Enhanced, An area up to 30 degrees square of raster data
(1.6 gigabytes), in 100 megabyte sized files, is downloadable at no charge.
SRTM data for any size area are available on CD-Recordable media for a
cost-to-produce fee of $32 per CD + a $45 processing and a $5 handling fee
per order. Each CD holds approximately 600 megabytes of data. Preliminary,
international 3 arc-second (90 meter) data will become available for
download and on media as each continent is completed. Preliminary data
will be replaced with validated "finished" data when received from NIMA.
NIMA expects to complete final processing by July 2004.

For information about the SRTM mission visit the NASA website.
For additional information on SRTM data and ordering procedures visit

Try the site mentioned above, folks. It is a wealth of data, not just SRTM, but you can also obtain the National Elevation Dataset there, and the National Land Cover Data. It is fast, easy to obtain, and plugs right into GIS software as grid data.
Joseph Kerski

K-12 Concept Maps (graphic organizers), templates, training and tools
Computer based study strategies (using concept maps) at the U of Oregon
Teacher Created Concept Map Projects
Concept Maps at The National Science Digital Library NSDL)
Inspiration training at Atomic Learning
EdTech Leadership Network FREE Kidspiration Online Tutorials

Free cMap concept mapping tool
Inspiration and Kidspiration
Fathom II the next generation spreadsheet and analysis tool

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