BugScope lets schools use a scanning electron microscope in real time with their computer

Telescopes in Education lets schools use telescopes remotely http://www.telescopesineducation.com/

Visible Human Viewer http://www.dhpc.adelaide.edu.au/projects/vishuman2/

Molecular Expressions http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/index.html

Free registration and instructional units avaiable in biology, biotechnology and Geology
Science Approach is a for-profit, limited liability corporation (LLC) dedicated to making formal and informal education engaging, effective, and fun. In support of this vision, Science Approach develops educational materials, offers professional development workshops for teachers and other professionals, evaluates educational projects and products, conducts research, and develops new technologies. Core competencies of the organization include making scientific research relevant to teachers, students, and the lay public; creating discovery-based educational experiences that engage and inform learners; promoting the use of visualization technologies for education; simplifying the use of technology in formal and informal settings; equipping people with tools that foster lifelong learning; and empowering learners to question, interpret, and understand the world around them.

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